Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I love Blingee!

totally addicted to

Reminds me so much of when I was little and would cut out black and white pics from magazines and newspapers. I loved pictures of women that I could then color with my markers and pencils.

Yeah...was altering things even then!

I loved to put pink on the cheeks and blue on the eyes, red on the lips and color the jewelry.

Well, I guess is like that for (almost) grown ups.

Its tons of fun and I have been really enjoying sprucing up my images with all their wonderful glitter and effects. Hope you get to try it, too!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my god! Where have I been!

Its been over a year since I blogged on here! It just got so crazy having so many sites and blogs and things to keep up with-but I am learning such is modern life. If you ain't bloggin'-you aint living! At least thats how it seems in the craft/internet business world.

So I am back.
Give it another try...what a weird thing to come back after a year. Feels like I just blinked and a year went by.
Been trying so hard to really launch my website,

I'm all about my polymer products at the moment, with four new characters in my polymer clay line

and revamped the polymer clay hair bows-they are now made with REAL lil Daddy Roth Metalflake! More sparkly and amazing than ever....
Other than that, I am trying really really hard to build my clientele back up at the hair salon...having babies is great fun-being poor isnt. Ugh. So...I am workin'-come and see me!

My sister let me use her cute mug to make this flyer! hee! She is the greatest.

Meanwhile...I am also slaving away for Midnight Mass-Sacramento's greatest, biggest, coolest car show! The line up of entertainment is incredible- if I say so myself! (I got to book all of the music this year!)

So...I have been making TONS of swag for the goody bags they give to the first 500 through the gates!

How crazy am IIIIII????
This crazy! :
So...come out to Midnight Mass, and say howdy to me, and my Sacramento Craft Mafia pals, Sophia from Simply Strands, and Rain from Rain's Embellishments! We will have the prettiest lil booth there!
This summer has been the hardest in so many ways-and I am just hanging on all of the fun that Midnight Mass represents. I hope you all will get to share what will probably be the funnest thing to do in Sacramento all summer long!
See you there!