Friday, May 25, 2007

My Party with The Tip Top Trio!

I wanted to do something for my third wedding anniversary. We can't really go anywhere cuz of our little ones-I have practically NO sitters I can leave them with, so naturally my brain went straight to "party". It is about the only way I have a social life now that I am a mommy. I make people come to me. It works out okay-We make everyone stay out in the backyard, I usually get a band or two, drinks, people, thats all I need. This party was a difficult one because a couple months ago, Rob and I started to attempt making over our shed/garage into a "tiki" hair salon. I need a place to do hair for friends and family that isnt the kitchen! It is something we have wanted to do since we bought the house and I have already purchased the equipment we need to do it. So while Rob was in between projects he started. We took everything out of the shed, and put it in our driveway. The first big thing we had to do was the plumbing. Therefore it was neccessary to dig a HUGE trench through the backyard. So he did. Then he plumbed it so there is water TO the shed. Then we need to plumb it so that waste water goes FROM the shed. We hadnt gotten that far when Rob started to get busy again. Then REALLY busy. Meanwhile the trench through my yard is still there. Making it difficult to mow. Really pretty, huh? weeds and mounds of dirt and a giant gaping trench. Not great ambiance for a party. I had mentioned the idea of a party to enough people, though, I just HAD to do it. We just decided to go g-hetto and keep the people off the grass and go ahead. It was a really fun time after all. Not at all on the scale of my bigger parties, but that was actually just fine. Some very near and dear folks were there, and thats all I really need. So I made pitchers of "my" sangria, made a few snacks. The first to arrive were the boys (and girl!) from the Tip Top Trio. I enjoyed a glass of sangria with their sometimes vocalist, Melissa. It was a real treat chatting with her. A real doll-and what a voice! Once the boys were all set up, a few people trickled in. Given that there were a few events that day and evening, including a big roller derby bout, I expected people to show late, and that is what happened. My dear friends J and Ginger
(ginger, J and ME!)

(ginger and Cap'n Sal-my sister.)

showed, and later my old friend and derby Queen Tara Armov came. My sister showed, and the party was in full swing! My other Derby pal, Dara Devil came too, with some interesting tales of an earlier party she attended. (tee hee!) That kept us girls pretty amused for a while. My newest homie, Yoli came with her man and being with her is always a great time.
(Rob and Mando pow wow, Yoli watches the band.)

I think the highlight of the evening came when Junior of Sacramento's Hell Outs showed up, fiddle in hand. He jumped right on stage (my back porch!) and joined in with the Tip Top boys. Zack and Junior really swung it. It was GREAT! My other favorite moment was The Tip Top Trio's cover of Warren Smith's Ubangi Stomp. It was creepy, cool, kinda Crampsy, but thoroughly their own.

(junior and Zack!)

As things started to wind down Rob started to wind up-on vodka that is. As the boys were trying to leave, Rob began insisting that they start doing shots. I endured for a while, but soon snuck off to my room floating on a cloud of sangria induced bliss. Apparantly things went on for a while-I was definately OUT! It was alot of fun, though-and if you ever need a band who can really swing, make your toes tap and remind you what roots music is about, please seek the Tip Top Trio! They are goin' places, I tell ya!

So thank you, Tip Top Trio (and Junior, and Melissa!) for making my party a real hoe-down good time!
Also, if any of you Sacramento locals (or not!) would like to take in this fabulous band, they are playing July 14th (a second saturday) as the entertainment for the grand opening of a fabulous NEW Sacramento gallery! Tangent in Curtis Park opens that night and to kick it off right, The Sacramento Craft Mafia will have a fab sidewark Art/Craft show out in front, featuring The Tip Top Trio! More details to follow, so please stay tuned!

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HisRockabillyFilly said...

Hey woman! It was so neat to meet you too! Thanks for the compliments and for lovin' my guys so danged much! They are the BEST!

Hope to see you soon!